Art LIVES!!!

My visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art was a great one. Admittedly, I have not been to an art museum since I was in elementary school, but going to this one has made me promise myself I would not spend that much time away from one again.

I was leaving my class at Morgan at exactly 11:00 p.m. and I arrived late. Sandwiched between classes, I knew my visit would be a short one.

I pulled up to the museum and immediately a smile came upon my face when I found out there was free parking for 30 minutes. After parking, I made my way into the museum and was greeted by some people who work there. They pointed me in the direction of the class and I was still lost.

During the time I spent finding the class, I looked at all the beautiful art that filled every room. One regret I had was not getting a chance to thoroughly enjoy the art I walked past.

After I saw one group of the class with a curator I snuck my way into the back hoping not draw attention to how late I was… That failed miserably, as I was asked by a classmate, “you’re just getting here?”

Next, the curator directed the group to a section that featured Andy Warhol.

The fact that I had been reading on and off about Warhol for the last couple of years and this was the only section I got to fully observe seemed like a pure coincidence, but I could not complain.

The curator began to speak about the section but my attention was drawn away by a Warhol painting I had never seen. It was a self-portrait that he had done in 1986, a year before his death. There was some sort of mirror effect used on it and spoke to me in many ways.

I did not read the caption but understood why he did it and after reading the caption I found I was correct. He wanted the people to know that he is just a normal human being and that is all, “If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface.” Warhol said of the painting and he added, “There’s nothing behind that.”

Overall I enjoyed my trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art. I thought I wouldn’t get a full experience (and in many ways I didn’t) but in many ways I did. Art is abundant in Baltimore, and as a person who prides himself on creativity, it would not be helpful in my growth to avoid it.


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