An Informal Letter to Donald Sterling

Dear Mr. Sterling,

I feel bad for you… Really I do.
I mean who would want to be making billions of dollars, all while employing people you don’t like, oh the agony!
Life must be terrible for you.
Your starting point guard, Chris Paul, (who you paid 107$ million dollars in 2013) is the president of the National Basketball Players Association and also doesn’t smoke nor drink.
Your starting power forward, Blake Griffin, (who you paid over 90$ dollars in 2012) and the worst thing he does are those Kia commercials; they aren’t that bad sometimes.
And don’t forget your team’s head coach, Doc Rivers, who is widely considered one of the top five coaches in the NBA and is also very charitable.
Yes the league that you profit from is driven by these, as well as many others players and coaches. What bad luck of yours that all these men are black.
I know you might not have enough time to respond to me, but I just wanted you to know I recognize your pain.

Sarcastically yours, N. Ezem


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