What do you mean you don’t know?



What do you think would happen if Albert Einstein knew that he could access all information known to man, with a device no bigger than his hand?  Yes, back in the 1900s an idea such as that would seem impossible, but here in 2014 that is our reality. So the question must be asked should people still get a pass for ignorance of any sorts?

ImageThe phrase, I don’t know, is becoming an unacceptable answer. Why don’t you know, is becoming a valid question. With all the resources to be informed on almost anything it’s hard to get a pass for ignorance.

From cell phones to tablets, both (in most cases) are able to access the internet. The internet has more information then you’ll need on just about everything. With that power available in our hands why are we still so uninformed on so many things?

 Yes the internet is full of other things that keep peoples attention weather it’s social media, streaming music or watching movies, there is always a distraction waiting for everyone. But our youth, cannot become the disconnected generation. During a time like this we must task ourselves to be more informed.

 It’s not acceptable for a college student to ask who is Trayvon Martin and why people are talking about him. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance means laziness because the easiest thing to do in today’s world is research; the hardest thing to do is remain ignorant.



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