The Point of no Return

When does pain become so unbearable that one must take their own life? There is no simple answer for why it happenes but what can others do to help a suicidal person

This past week, Morgan State University lost one of their students, Karyn Washington, due to an apparent suicide. Washington was said to have been struggling since the passing of her mother. One of the many causes of suicide is death of a loved one. Washington was said to have been extremely close with her mother and condolences from friends and family just don’t always get you through.

Washington’s death has been covered by The Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan because not only was she a student but she had also started a respectable promotion named For Brown Girls, which was to uplift women of darker skin as she was.

Now you must ask why a person who has a budding promotion and many supports throw it all away at 22. Her death leaves many with these types of questions and unfortunately no answers.  It goes to show that suicide is a very serious issue in every community. 

Masked behind a big smile and upbeat personality, Washington just like many others, was able to have people believe that she was fine while suffering in silence.  No, you can’t be around someone all day every day, but that’s why it’s important to remind your loved ones that they are loved, or be a listening ear to a friend in despair, sometimes those little things can make big differences.

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