The N-word… The debate that will never end

Nigger, a word that historically has been synonymous with hatefulness, has been desensitized and become nigga.

The word nigga has largely become a term synonymous with friendship to many. The question is how did we get to this point?

Black people have been able to turn many negatives into what they embrace as part of their culture. Soul food is a primary example of this fact. Soul food was scraps given to slaves over 200 years ago but now it’s a staple in the black community.

The word nigga has become one of those negatives that have been embraced by the black community, the word nigger has not!

Many believe that nigger and nigga are two completely different words.  Nigger will always be synonymous with hate and disgust for black people. Going forward however, it seems that many in the black community will continue to use the word nigga because it has become it’s in every aspect of black culture.

From lyrics in hip hop, to movies dedicated to helping people understand the meaning, it does not seem as though the people who feel the word should be eradicated, and those who think the word is positive, will ever stop this debate. 


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