Week 11 Capstone Class (week of Nov 14th)

I shot the two interviews that I spoke about last week and they were fun.  The people I have interviewed want to see the end progress but I remind them we are still working on it. I am thinking of different ways to incorporate their social media into their respective parts.


Week 10 Capstone Class (week of Nov 7th)

I like the fact that more people are getting back to my interview request now. I’ve set up two in the same week. This project has also made me better my camera techniques which is great. We are still working well as a group and are almost ready to start doing the heavy editing.

Week 8 Capstone Class (week of Oct 24th)

I feel like the group is working well together. We are all doing our parts and it feels like things are flowing better because of it. I want to get more footage shot and with my schedule, it makes it hard to do so. What I am working on is bring my camera wherever I go in the city, just in case I see some good places to shoot that will help the video.

Week 6 Capstone Class (week of Oct 10th)

Bad news came in when I was told one of our interview subjects would not do the video, with no reason given. Now we have a dilemma and have to find a quick replacement. This was very disheartening, seeing as though we were about to film that spot of video this week. Lesson is that you can’t keep your eggs in one basket.